Threatened By Homeless? People At Fresno Apartment Complex Say Yes

People who live in the Fontana Apartments in Fresno say they're afraid to leave their homes. They say it's because there are homeless around the complex that threaten and spit at them.

"Nobody should feel like that at home," says apartment manager Tania Tran, "Nobody should feel unsafe to leave or comeback from their home."

Tran says it all started shortly after the city of Fresno took down tent city and the homeless started migrating elsewhere. She says her biggest worry is her own safety, because a homeless man threatened her life after telling him to stop hanging around the apartments.

"He told me that I needed to watch my back, that I'm gong to get it now, he knows where I live and he can see me from across the street," adds Tran.

Tran's neighbor, Natalie Sendejas, barricades her bedroom window out of fear. She says she decided to take pictures of homeless camping out just yards away from her apartment after she heard them talking.

"I looked outside my bathroom window and there was a party of people just right by my bedroom window," says Sendejas.

She says one of the pictures shows a homeless woman using drugs, blowing smoke and then passing a pipe to the man next to her. Sendejas says she was worried about the health of her baby that night.

"I didn't know what was going to come through the air conditioning vents right there," adds Sendejas.

People who live in the complex say homeless camp out next to the building along their windows. They say it got so bad, management decided to put up a fence to keep homeless out.

"Sometimes I feel like I live in a prison," says Tran, I have four sets of keys just to go out and come back in."

Tran and Sendejas say they don't think things will get better, because they say police rarely respond to their calls.

"It makes me feel unsafe that nothing is being done about it," says Tran.

Fresno police says they can't force the homeless to move, because they're on public property. Police say the only way they can get involved is if the homeless trespass or if an officer sees a criminal act, like drug use, happening.