Pennsylvania Police Chief Draws Fire Over Gun Control Rants

{}A Pennsylvania Police Chief is drawing fire for using profanity while ranting on YouTube videos. Gilberton Borough Police Chief Mark Kessler posted two controversial videos on his YouTube channel.

Kessler says he's mad about Secretary of State John Kerry saying he will sign a United Nations treaty on arms regulation. So, the Pennsylvania police chief decided to tell Kerry and the UN off by using profanity and firing off guns.

After people got upset, Kessler posted an apology video. However, he basically told people he doesn't care what they think and fired off 3 guns.

On Kessler's webpage he has a sign up for a "Constitution Security Force". He says his goal is to protect the 2nd amendment and to make sure the right of the people to keep and bear arms remains secure.

The Mayor of Gilberton Borough, Pennsylvania says she stands behind Kessler. The Mayor says he is not wearing a uniform and does not mention his job in any of the videos.

We asked you on the KMPH Facebook page what you think of the Chief Mark Kessler's message.

Betty Hunter Smith says "So, what is his problem? He has a bunch of big guns, does he really need to cuss over and over to prove it?"

Donald Irwin posted "I think just because of a paycheck, you shouldn't have to forfeit your personal beliefs and life."

Oscar Espinoza shares "How can any law enforcement official be trusted by the community if they clearly have an unhealthy bias towards a large part of the citizenry?"

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