Paying Tribute To Political Giant George Zenovich

George Zenovich was a political giant in California.{} After politics he was appointed an Appeals Court Justice.{} The Appellate Court's downtown Fresno building now bears his name.

Saturday Governor Brown and a long list of noteworthy leaders in this state paid tribute to a man many called{}Zeno{}at the George Zenovich Memorial in northwest Fresno.

Governor Brown sang his praises for helping to create the State Arts Council and the landmark Agricultural Labor Relations Board.{}{}"I always admired how George could keep those farmers happy and{}I think he did and he would keep a relationship with the unions and the UFW, a very difficult task.

Marina Zenovich, George's daughter choked back tears to pay tribute to her Dad.{}{}"He had class and style. {} A musicians heart and an adventurers soul."

Walter Karabian is a Fresno native and life long friend of Zenovich. {} Karabian moved to Los Angeles and later served in the legislature with Zenovich.{}{}"In the agriculture area and in criminal justice, looking out for the little guy. {} And we bonded not only because we were both Fresnans but because we had the same philosophy. {} He was a moderate Democrat."

Congressman Jim Costa began his political career in Sacramento about the same time Zenovich left politics.{} "It was an honor because he taught you how to treat people. {} He was introspective.{}{}He cared.{}He let you know he could make a difference if you tried and you trusted your gut."{}{}

George Zenovich dreamed of being a musician but his career let him to be an state lawmaker, attorney and Appellate Court Justice.{} He is survived by his wife Kika and two daughters. {} George Zenovich was 91 years old.