Paying It Forward; Clovis Residents Buy Meals For Other People

Chances are, if you stop by one Clovis restaurant for your next meal, you may be in for a treat of a good burger and good karma.

"It's the gift of the heart, not the money," said Julie Anne Glenn, owner of "House of Juju," in Clovis.

Many people know "juju" as good karma or good energy.

That's exactly what customers at the new burger spot are passing around.

It started Friday night when one of the customers said he would pick up the tab for the next customer.

"He said wow, he was so overwhelmed. He just said what do I do? My son said whatever you want, and he said well, I need to pay it forward," said Glenn.

Glenn says it sparked like a domino effect, from one table to the next.

Customers were all of a sudden picking up the tab for someone else; trusting that the next person would do the same.

"You're really doing something for someone else but you're helping yourself in the same way. You know good deeds. I think it's a great idea. I love it," said customer, Stephanie Waugh.

Some people are paying more than their bill, while others are giving only what they can.

"It's just a blessing; it shows how nice people are," said customer, Christian Nerdahl.

It's a place for families, run by a family.

Glenn opened the restaurant three months ago with her son.

She says the sudden good energy feels like a sign of good things to come.

"it's the gift from the heart to be so free and make a difference in someone's life...if it wasn't for the second person to pay it forward then all of these folks wouldn't understand the gift of paying it forward," said Glenn.

While it may not seem like a big deal to some, Glenn says it is a big deal for some of the people who have walked through her doors.