Busted: Pawn Shop Workers Accused of Buying Stolen Items

Undercover Fresno police officers arrest two people accused of buying hundreds of dollars of stolen jewelry.

A class ring, a wedding ban, and a crucifix, items undercover cops say they sold to Isaak Matar and Hassan Akram at a southeast Fresno pawnshop.

Items police say officers admitted to the men were stolen.

Sergeant Tim Tietjen says undercover officers did six different stings at the Fresno Gold Stop.

Police say the owners failed to go through the right purchasing procedures.

Sergeant Tim Tiejen says, "It sends a message to the other businesses in the city of Fresno that were going to be checking to make sure they are doing the right thing."

Both men are charged with receiving stolen property.

They are also facing other fines because they were operating as a pawnshop.

Police also raided the pawnshop workers' homes and found computers and thousands of dollars in jewelry.

If you go to a reputable shop, they will ask you for your driver license.

You also must fill out paper work and place your fingerprint on the paper.

This way if the item is stolen police have it as evidence.