Path Of Destruction: Man With DUI's Takes Drunken Joyride

Daniel Muniz, a drunk driver with prior DUI convictions, is given a field sobriety test after crashing his SUV through the front yard of a home on Tuesday afternoon.

A Fresno man with prior DUI convictions took a drunken joyride through Fresno on Tuesday afternoon, leaving a path of destruction behind him.

Daniel Muniz, 51, was arrested for suspicion of driving while intoxicated after the SUV he was driving struck a car near Cedar and Clinton avenues, collided with two more cars near Shields Avenue and First Street, hit a mailbox on Griffith and Second and finally stopped after he barreled through the front yard of a home on Bond Street and Griffith Way.

"It was like he was drunk or high," said Esther Bowen, whose sister owns the home Muniz crashed through.

Cindy Herrera, who owns the home, was startled by the sudden crash. She said that Muniz did not immediately remove his foot from the gas pedal even after his SUV smashed through her fence.{}

The SUV also destroyed a fort in the backyard that her children play inside. The children were not inside of the fort at the time of the crash.

But there were kids playing in the backyard who could have been injured, said Fresno Police Officer Michael Buessing.

Police said Muniz was driving on a suspended license stemming from a 2009 DUI conviction.

At the time of the accident, police say that Muniz was drunk and on prescription medication.

"Any one of us could've been on the roadway and been in his path," Buessing said.