Parlier Police Search Turns Up Weapons, Drugs

A Parlier man is in jail after a police investigation finds an arsenal of weapons and drugs.

Joe Cavasos was arrested at his home in on the outskirts of Parlier, about 22 miles southeast of Fresno.

Investigators say they were there looking for a gun used in a gang-related shooting in Parlier last week that sent one man to the hospital.

But when police arrived at the home, they found a lot more than that. Police recovered seven rifles, four handguns, an illegal automatic rifle, a pile of bullets of various calibers, a bulletproof vest and military style helmet.{}

On top of that, Cavasos was found to have a marijuana grow room, marijuana plants, several grams of meth, drug scales and additional drug paraphernalia.

Cavasos now faces charges for growing and selling drugs and having illegal weapons.