Parking Ticket Scam Or Human Mistake?

What if you got a parking ticket from a city where you'd never been?

It's happening and some say it's a scam by the City of Los Angeles.

Ryan Baker. a U.S. Sailor stationed out of Lemoore, got a parking ticket from Los Angeles in the mail.

He's contesting it because his car was never in L.A, he said.

Instead, he says his car was parked at the navy base in Lemoore, while he was more than 2,800 miles away, aboard the U.S.S. Bush in Norfolk, Va.

"The ticket didn't match my vehicle at all," Baker said. "The only thing it did match was my name and license plate number."

And after a quick investigation of his car, Baker said, both license plates were there.

An investigation shows Ryan's not alone with his complaint.

The website,, which stands for, 'Stop Los Angles Parking Enforcement Corruption, shows examples of others claiming they received bogus parking tickets, too.

Calls to the Los Angeles Parking Violations Bureau were not returned on Thursday.

Baker says that he plans to fight the ticket, and his wife, Heather, couldn't be more proud.

"I want him to fight for all the people that are being wrongly accused because if this is a scam how many other people have been giving money for no reason," Heather said.

Baker says he refuses to pay the $68 fine.

He was told L.A. city officials are investigating.