Parents Of 2-Year Old Autistic Boy Say He Was Kicked Off Fair Ride

{}The family of a 2-year old boy says he was not allowed a ride at "The Big Fresno Fair", because he's autistic. However, the fair says that's not what happened.

"It was supposed to be our day of fun for him, because it's hard to take him anywhere and it just ruined our day," says the boy's mom Daneall Delgadillo.

Delgadillo says Wednesday started out as good day with her family heading out to the fair.

She says her husband rode most of the rides with 2-year old Jaziah since he's autistic and can't be alone. However, Delgadillo says things went wrong when Jazaih wanted to get on the "Chopper Hopper".

"They were at first saying that he was too small and an adult had to go with him. My husband said he was going to go on the ride him, because we won't allow him to go on a ride alone since he's autistic," says Delgadillo, "That's when the worker said, "No disabled kids, he needs to go," telling my husband he needs to get off of the ride."

Delgadillo says she tried to tell a fair worker about what happened.

"He just really didn't want to hear what we said," says Delgadillo, "He said disabled or not it doesn't matter."

However, the fair says Jaziah was not told he couldn't ride because he's autistic. According to the fair the parents are to blame.

"The parent did not want to pay to go on the ride with him," says Lance Moyer with Butler Amusements.

Moyer says he received a formal complain from Delgadillo and did an investigation, which included questioning the "Chopper Hopper" operator.

KMPH asked, "Did the workers say at all that he didn't want the child on this ride because of his disability?'

"No, he did not," Moyer.

Moyer called the Delgadillo family Thursday evening and offered them a free day at the fair. The family says they have accepted the offer.

"The Big Fresno Fair" says that the worker is not getting fired. However, Moyer says the ride operated is being re-trained on the fair's policy which allows disabled children to ride the rides.