Pair Called Bonnie and Clyde Of Identity Theft Arrested In Clovis

They're being called the "Bonnie and Clyde" of identity theft. Police say the two have been arrested several times and they're wanted all over the Valley.

The Citi-Bank at Shaw and Minnewawa in Clovis is the latest place where police say the two tried to use a stolen identity. A bank clerk told officers the two tried to use a stolen ATM card, but the manager recognized them. Police say last week the man and woman went to the exact same Citi-Bank where they tried to open an account and cash a $150 check with the same stolen identity. Police say the two got the I.D. and ATM card from a purse that officers say they stole from a woman at "Table Mountain Casino."

The Fresno County Sheriff's Department says they arrested the two last week in a stolen truck. Inside the truck deputies found several stolen credit cards, drugs, and shopping bags full of stuff that the man and woman bought with the stolen credit cards.

Police say they arrested Alexis Garabedian and Colt Mercer. Officers say they are hoping to connect the two to an identity theft case in Sanger.