Organ Transplant Waiting List Skyrockets, Learn How You Can Help

Hundreds in the Central Valley now know the desperate plea from those in need an organ transplant, after a forum Tuesday in

Fresno. A

{}Registered Nurse, who is used to helping people heal, is now in need of help herself.

Mary-Margaret Foxon relies on photographs to feel the love anytime from her children and grandchildren.

"Look, they colored, and went to restaurants," she says, as she points to a photo album with her granddaughter and grandson, who live in Arizona.

This is the easiest way for her to see them.

The 56-year-old is battling End-Stage Renal Disease.

It's a complication from Diabetes, which she has had for the last 48 years.

"I can do everything I'm supposed to and still my blood sugar can go really high, or really low," she says.

Things have gotten so severe, she needs a kidney transplant.

And she's on a waiting list, that is crowded.

Tony Borders with the California Transplant Donor Network says that in the Central Valley alone, 2,500 to 3,000 people are on the organ transplant wait list.

Of those, 80 percent are waiting for a kidney.

The average wait time for a kidney transplant is at least eight years.

In that wait time... An average of about one in five actually lives to receive one.

Foxon has been waiting for nearly two years.

"I was bound and determined to not go on dialysis," she says.

But Foxon now relies on her dialysis machine to keep her alive.

She plugs into the machine in her bedroom nine hours a day, connected to this 22-foot-long tube.

"It's my leash," she jokes.

The tube only gives her enough room to go from her bed to the bathroom, and a little bit down the hallway.

Until a donor is found, Foxon counts on her husband to help around the house; Dialysis wipes her out.

She also counts on her faith, to get her by.

"One of the Bible verses I lean on is Philippians 4:13, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me," she says.

If you are interested in being an organ donor, you can visit the California Transplant Donor Network by clicking here.

You can also be a living kidney donor, since it's possible to live with one kidney.

You can click here for more information.

If you'd like to learn whether you're a compatible donor for Mary-Margaret Foxon, you can visit the University of California's{}Transplant Kidney Registry{}{}by clicking here and entering Foxon's name, and date of birth (3-17-61).