Only on Fox 26: Man Behind "Hidden Cash" Talks About Fresno Stop on Monday

A modern-day scavenger hunt with a social media twist is coming to Fresno on Monday.For weeks, people across the countryand the worldhave been following clues from the twitter handle @HiddenCash in hopes of getting their hands on some money.The man behind the phenomenon: Jason Buzi.He's a real estate mogul from the Bay Area, who decided to start this scavenger hunt for fun.But since it began, he says, it has grown into so much more."This has brought people together using the power of social media, then they're out with their friends, out with their kids, or making new friends, looking the little prizes that we've hidden," says Buzi."I was never even active on Twitter and now it's six weeks later and there's 700,000 followers."The closest location where Buzi and his partners have hidden money is Bakersfield.He's also taken the search south, to Mexico, and overseas, to London."People were more excited about Fresno than london, which has a lot more people, so it became an obvious choice," Buzi says."There's quite a few large cities in california that just don't' get the love, and we wanted to show the love especially knowing there's hundreds of thousands of people living there."Buzi says he plans to hide between 15 hundred and two-thousand dollars.And, he dropped the first clue through KMPH Fox 26 News' Twitter site."It's gonna be probably after work hours, so we're not gonna do it in the middle of the day or early in the morning since it's a Monday. it's gonna be towards the evening hours," he said.He later tweeted the drop will be after 5 p.m.Buzi says people can use the money however they'd like.The only thing he asks is they tweet the site once they've found it.So far, he doesn't know what he'll use to hide the money.In the past, the crew has used plastic eggs, bottles of bubbles, and even Pez Candy dispensers."We might end up with the old boring envelopes, but as boring as the envelopes are, it's still exciting when there's a $100 bill inside," he says.Buzi says he's been approached by casinos in New Jersey and textbook companies that want to sponsor his site, or tie-in promotions.But he says right now, he doesn't think it's the direction he wants it to go.He also said this, to those who have concerns about safety at Monday's event."We've been very mindful about doing it in open spaces and to do it in such a way that it's safe. Especially after the first week, when I saw how big it got," Buzi said. "We haven't had any issues, and hopefully we won't."You can find @HiddenCash on twitter here.