One Of The Worst Storms Ever - Typhoon Haiyan Hits Philippines

Super Typhoon Haiyan is slamming the Philippines and major damage is expected. With the storm raging those in the Central Valley who have friends and family living in the Philippines say they're worried about their safety.

"You really feel for them and are worried about what is going to happen in the next hour, two hours," says Fely Guzman who has friends and family in the Philippines.

Guzman received a text Thursday evening saying, "The current situation is not alarming yet, but in a few hours it can change. We feel it now...can't use I-phone".

Guzman's cell phone is the main way she's keeping track of the super typhoon. She says it's easier to get information from her loved ones using social media.

"You get the information left and right," says Guzman, "You are able to get a feeling of how the condition is over there."

Russell Raypon is also using Facebook to keep in touch with his family. He's keeping a close eye on the situation, because of how bad previous typhoons have been.

"We would hear stories about the death toll, the bodies along the freeway," says Raypon, "They couldn't move quickly enough, because of all the devastation."

Once the super typhoon passes and the damage reports come in Raypon says he'll be ready to spring into action.

"If they need goods, if they need food, if they need financial support to get them through the initial aftershock of the storm, we'll try to do that," says Raypon.