Bear Running Wild In Visalia: The Search Is On!

A black bear that has been spotted around Visalia over the last few days is still on the loose, the state Department of Fish and Wildlife said on Wednesday.

Fish and Wildlife personnel tracked the bear through a cornfield near the St. Johns River in northwest Visalia after two sightings.

Danny Stevenson, a lieutenant with the Fish and Wildlife Department, said the bear weighs about 125 pounds.

Stevenson also said the department has been tracking the animal for about the last month.

ON Wednesday, a helicopter was sent out, deputies were patrolling in cars, wardens were out on foot and several hound dogs assisted in the hunt for the bear.{}

But still, the bear remains on the loose.

Fish and Wildlife officials say that if the bear is not in the cornfield, then it's likely that it is making its way down the St. Johns River.

Several baited traps have been set up along the cornfield to catch the bear.

An armed warden was also stationed near the cornfield through Wednesday night.