Three Officers Shot, Wanted Fugitive Dead Update

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says, "Suspect Jerry Vue had made the comment in the past that he would not be taken alive."

Chief Dyer adds Vue kept that promise by ambushing, shooting at officers and then continuing into a running gun battle till they ended it.

During the news conference, Chief Dyer confirmed what KMPH News reported Vue was on the lamb for almost 17 months, wanted for a June 2012 Fresno County case. The case involved an assault with a deadly weapon, kidnapping and a sexual assault against his girlfriend.

A Crime stoppers tip lead the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task to Vue's sister's home.

Chief Dyer says when a parole agent was entering the garage, Vue was hiding under some clothes ambushed the officer hitting him in the chest.

Chief Dyer says, "It stuck him in the upper chest area. Thankfully, he had a ballistic vest on but it did result in blunt force trauma. But no doubt that ballistic vest saved his life."

The force of being hit caused the officer to drop his gun in the garage. The door was shut while other officers opened fire.

A Fresno County Sheriff deputy was hit in the face, possibly from bullet fragments.

The chief says it was then Vue ran out of the garage.

Chief Dyer says, "When he was confronted by a Deputy Marshal who was armed with an M4 Rifle, which has 2223 caliber rounds. There was gun battle that occurred between suspect Vue and the Deputy Marshal as close as 20 feet. There was a multitude of rounds fired by the suspect and the deputy marshal"

Investigators say seven rounds were fired at the deputy marshal, one hitting his him in the stomach area, the bullet traveled in and out of his body.

Chief Dyer says despite being hit multiple times by the deputy marshal Vue would not go down.

Chief Dyer says, "Ultimately Jerry Vue did fall to the ground, still armed with handgun and tack light and pronounced dead at the scene."

All three of the officers shot are now out of the hospital and are recovering at their homes.

Chief Dyer says after a search warrant was obtained at the home, officers found several guns inside a bedroom, a 357 revolver and 40-caliber handgun along with several hundred rounds, and 5 pounds of packages marijuana.