Officers Remembered In Minkler Shooting

The sleepy foothill town of Minkler was rocked three years ago today when a deadly exchange of gunfire erupted.

Joel Wahlenmaier, a Fresno County sheriff's deputy, and greedily police officer Javier Bejar, a Reedley police officer, were killed in the Minkler shootout.{}

The rural community sits about 20 miles east of Fresno.

Wahlenmaier was helping serve a warrant on a man accused of arson when he was shot and killed.

Bejar was shot after he provided back up.

Last week, California Highway Patrol officers Sean haler and Rafael Rivera were awarded the Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor for risking their lives to help move Bejar out of the line of fire after he had been shot.

The award, considered the highest national award for law enforcement officers and firefighters, was presented to the two officers by Vice President Joe Biden and Attorney General Eric Holder.