Officer Shoots And Kills Man, Witnesses Say Man Shot In Back

Was an officer-involved shooting in Pixley, which took the life of a 32-year-old man, justified?

Tulare County investigators release new information about the events, leading up to it.

It's a shooting that left 32-year-old Cecil Elkins dead.

It took place Tuesday night outside a Pixley mini-mart, about 64 miles south of Fresno.

Surveillance video from the mini mart shows the 32-year-old jumping out of a car and running from officers.

Another camera then catches Elkins running behind the Prince Mini Mart in Pixley.

Seconds later, he was shot and killed.

Manager of the mini mart Beant Pal says, "I go outside and check and they say someone's been shot."

Reporter asks, "How many shots did you hear?"

Beant says, "I think 3 of them."

Cecil Elkins brother, Dennis Elkins says, "He basically gave up, and told them don't shoot and ended up getting shot; 8 times were fired at him and 5 hit him in the back."

Tulare County Sheriff investigators say Elkins, known as "tiger" on the street, was wanted for 2 counts of attempted murder.

Deputies spotted him and say just prior to this video, Elkins intentionally rammed a patrol car.

Deputies add after Elkins ran, he tried to hit another officer with his fist, forcing officers to fire.

Meanwhile, family members of the 32-year-old say they are conducting their own investigation and claim several witnesses told them Elkins had his hands in the air, when he was shot.

Tulare County deputies say the officer-involved shooting is still under investigation.

The CHP officer who fired his weapon, is a 9-year veteran, and has been placed on administrative leave.