Officer Kills Five Caged Dogs In Shelter, Animal Lovers Angry

Who would shoot and kill five caged dogs in a city's animal shelter?

That is what animal rights activists wanted to know on Tuesday night during the Selma city council regular board meeting.

The activists told board members that they want the Selma police officer who shot the five dogs to be fired or at least face criminal charges.

"It breaks my heart, I would never like to see it again, I think justice should be done to the officer, Myron Dyck," said Danielle Jones.

Brenda Mitchell agreed, saying, "There is a state law. In California, we are a humane state and it gives no excuse for this, no ability to do it."

Selma Mayor Ken Grey said that the officers performances is under investigation. He said, however, that he could not comment on the matter because it is a personnel issue.

Still, many people are unhappy with the actions.

"What I hope happens next is that a formal complaint will be filed with the district attorney's office, the human society has asked for that," said Shannon Wilson. "One of the volunteers might do that, which is what I hope happens that they are investigated and charged."