Off Duty Cop & Wife Catch Car Thief, Thief Says Sorry!

A crook picks the wrong car to steal and ends up getting caught by a determined family from Caruthers.

The dynamic duo, husband and wife team were ready for the thieves.

That is because just a few days ago they had their Ford F-250 pickup stolen.

Inside the truck were keys to their other car.

So the family figured the crooks would be back and they were right.

Homer Puga, who works as a Madera County Sheriff's Deputy, caught 24-year-old George Rosario of Caruthers, a man Puga personally knows.

Puga says, "First I asked him where my truck was and he said he had nothing to do with that. He was trying to score some meth. I can tell he was lying. I asked him if he recognized me and he said he did. He told me he had no idea I lived at the residence he was trying to steal the car from."

Homer says the neighborhood plans to rekindle its neighborhood watch program.

Although Homer was able to stop one of the thieves, the search continues for his stolen gray ford F-250 pick up truck, it looks similar to this one. It had 4 doors and over sized tires.