Northern Illinois Jumps Fresno State in Latest BCS Poll

Fresno State fans have been keeping an eye on their positioning in the BCS poll with relation to Northern Illinois, knowing only one non-AQ school can get an automatic bid. For the first time this season, the Huskies are now ahead of the Bulldogs, jumping from 16 to 14, while the 'Dogs slipped from 15 to 16.

CBS Sports "BCS Expert" Jerry Palm still believes Fresno State can end up in front of NIU in two weeks, as long as the coaches keep backing the Bulldogs. Currently, Fresno State is highest in the USA Today/Coaches poll, at 13. In that same poll, Northern Illinois is 20. It's the computers where the Huskies have a big edge on the 'Dogs currently, although that is expected to drop some with their next opponent sporting a record of just 1-10.