North Fork Woman Missing Since Saturday

It's been{}four days now and still no sign of Carolinda Bybee of North Fork.{}{}Saturday she told her parents she was off to see friends. {} There's been no sign of her since. {}

Her last phone call was made Saturday morning from Lake Redinger which is about ten miles from her home.{}{}Bybee has bipolar disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder and her Mother is concerned. "It's not unusual for her to be out for awhile. {} She's a grown woman but she does take several medications and she had not taken her Sunday supply with her so{}I expected her home Sunday.

The{}34 year old woman{}left North Fork Saturday in a white Jeep Cherokee, license plate number 3REV862.{} Her dad Steve learned Wednesday that Carolinda only used her cell phone once after leaving the house Saturday.{}{}The phone company says a call was made near Redinger Lake about ten miles southeast of North Fork.

Eagle one, the Fresno County Sheriff's Department's helicopter flew over the area for several hours looking for Bybee and her Jeep Cherokee but no luck.{} Freda Bybee can only hope.{} "You pray. {} You call everybody you know and say have you seen her. {} Have you talked to her, did she say to you where she was going?{} We've had friends drive around the roads she would probably be on off to the side to see if a vehicle had fallen off the road."

Carolinda Bybee has vanished without a trace. {} She's days behind on her medication and her family has no clue why she hasn't checked in.{}{}{}