Pool Closed: No Swimming For Residents In A SE Fresno Apartment Complex

A southeast Fresno apartment complex advertises it has a pool. However, residents say the rules to use the pool changed after they signed a lease.

Villa Margaritas Apartment residents say the pools been closed the entire summer, not only to visitors, but to residents as well.

"They got to open it. It's like a 100 degrees out here were trying to get in the pool and nobody is opening it," said resident Johan Soto.

Residents, like Soto, say what upsets them the most is the marketing Villa Margaritas Apartment uses to get people to check them out, including signs that read, "Children's Playground" and "Sparkling Pool."

"If they are starting to bring people into look at the apartments they should tell them that the pool is always closed," Lopez said.

Francis Echavarria, property manager of the apartment complex, says that the signs are not misleading, though residents say when they attempt to go for a swim, they are met with locks and chains.

"Well, the pool is sparkly. You can't deny me that and there is a play area," Echavarria said.

Echavarria said that the pool is only open when there is a pool monitor available on site. She says that she gives the pool monitors a list of who lives in the apartment complex and who does not in order to keep visitors away from the pool.

Some residents say they would not have signed the lease had they known that the pool would rarely be open and that visitors were not allowed.{}

Now some say they plan to move out -- a move that management says they will allow without any penalties.