No Power For Two Days: Living Hell For SE Fresno Apartment Residents

Power has finally been restored at the Maple Grove Apartments in southeast Fresno after nearly two days.{} Sixteen units were impacted when a 600 amp breaker went out early Tuesday evening.{} Rosalinda Huerta and her five children say they have been miserable since they were flushed into the dark{}during the dinner hour on Tuesday.

Huerta says everything in the refrigerator spoiled and now it needs to be pitched in the dumpster.{} "It hurts you know cause I had just gone grocery shopping and there goes all my groceries down the drain."{} Huerta says she spent the past two days walking around the apartment complex and driving around town trying to keep her family cool.

She says hot and boring doesn't begin to describe their experience.{} " I had them in the swimming pool for almost four hours just to keep them cool because we're just tired of driving around going to places.{} They just wanted to be home."

In all 44 hours without power that was costly and uncomfortable for people in{}sixteen apartment units.{} Management of the{}Maple Grove Apartments gave renters in each affected unit $200{}for the inconvenience.{} The Community Food Bank and Westside{}Baptist Church gave boxes of food to help residents restock their{}pantries and refrigerators.{}{}{}{}