No New Tax Money, Streetlights Turned Off

Residents in the community of Calwa, just south of Fresno, have an important decision to make.

They need to pass another increase on their property taxes, or face having their streetlights turned off for good.

Fresno County workers say for years a reserve fund built up from a previous tax but it is nearly gone now.

The unincorporated neighborhood only has enough money to keep the streetlights on until July 1, 2013.

Joe Prado with the Fresno County Public Works says, "If the majority of the ballots submitted are yes, then there is seamless transition the lights stay and the community doesn't notice any impact. If they vote no, then we have to do more talking with the community to make sure they want this decision. Then there will not be sufficient money past July 1."

The area affected goes from Church to Jensen Avenues and from Orange to Cedar Avenues.

However, most say they are against any increase because they are already paying too much in taxes.

Resident Lillian Rivera says, "This year I got my bill and it went up, so they are already adding money for my taxes and I don't think they should."

Calwa residents will mail in their ballots on whether or not to accept the proposed tax increase.

The results of the vote will be announced at the January 15th Fresno County Board of Supervisors meeting.