KMPH Fox 26 News Department Intern

KMPH Fox26 News seeks qualified News Department interns for the summer, 2014, semester. The positions are for academic credit only and selected interns will not perform job duties. KMPH offers a learning environment designed to provide interns a hands-on, classroom laboratory, type of educational experience.

* Prospective interns must be second-semester juniors, seniors, or graduate students.

* They must be enrolled in a for-credit internship through their college or university that provides no fewer than two-hours of quarter or semester credit.

* They must show an academic history that reflects their interest in a field relevant to TV News/Digital Media, Promotions, or Sales, and which shows a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

* Their academic adviser must certify, on school letterhead, that the student meets the above criteria and has the school's approval to participate.

* They must commit to a minimum of 10 hours per week for eight weeks dedicated exclusively to the internship.

* They must commit to working all possible work shifts, including nights, weekends, and early mornings, in order for KMPH to provide a "real world" learning environment.

* They must agree to follow instructions from station management, to abide by all applicable station policies and procedures, and must agree to participate fully and actively in the internship.

* They must agree, in writing, at the start of the internship to follow the internship curriculum that will be presented to them.

* They must agree to meet established, minimum standards of conduct, dress, and performance at all times while at KMPH-TV and while participating in an internship-related event.

The student will then:

* Be exposed to all aspects of Television News/Digital Media.
-If the student is selected as a News/Digital Media intern, he or she will be given the opportunity to produce their own video resume material with stories written and produced by them.

*Be given a fair and full evaluation for their academic purposes.

Please note: the student will not produce stories for air. The student may be asked to provide content for KMPH's family of "Hyper Local" websites. The student will be closely supervised at all times.

Apply online by clicking here.