Newlywed Couple Found Dead In Northwest Fresno Home

A newlywed Fresno couple is found shot to death in their northwest Fresno home.

Friends and family of the couple lined up outside of the home shocked and devastated.

The couple's bodies were discovered by a family member who came over to visit early Saturday morning.

Police say both husband and wife were found dead on the floor next to each other.

"I can't even imagine like how did it happen? Why did he do that? We never heard or seen him like depressed or any kind ... I never heard anything about him bad," said Janail Gill friend and next door neighbor.

Gill described her 33-year-old neighbor as a peaceful man.

The couple had just gotten married in India and seemed happy on their new journey.

Police spent the afternoon searching the couple's home.

Police say they found a gun in the home but have no witnesses and not many clues as to what happened.

"We just don't know what exactly led up to this or how these two people ended deceased. We do see that the house appears to be in good condition, there does not appear to be any forced entry or anything that stands out as suspicious inside or around the residence," said Sergeant Alex Flores of Fresno Police department.

Police plan a full search of the couple's home, car and computers for any additional evidence.

Police say they are waiting for fingerprint results from the gun and other evidence gathered from the home before they can determine what really happened.