Newlywed Accused Of Pushing Husband Off Cliff, Killing Him

A woman married for only eight days is now accused of pushing her new husband off of a cliff in Glacier National Park, causing a fall that killed him.

Investigators say 25 year old Cody Lee Johnson's body was found in an area so remote that a helicopter had to be used to remove it.{} Investigators say he fell face-first off of the cliff.

22 year-old Jordan Linn Graham is charged with second-degree murder, and was represented by a public defender during her first appearance in a Helena, Montana court.

Court documents show that police report Graham admits pushing Johnson off of the cliff, but that she says it happened only after he grabbed her arm during an argument and she pushed him in a reflex action.

An FBI affidavit says Graham sent a text message to a friend saying she was going to speak with Johnson on the night of his death to tell him she was having second thoughts about being married.

The FBI is involved in the investigation because it happened on federal land, in Glacier National Park.

Johnson's family and friends had called for an investigation into the death since his body was recovered on July 12.{} They told investigators that they suspected Graham because they had never trusted her and did not think the marriage was going to work.

Investigators say in court records that Graham had lied to them about Johnson's whereabouts, at first saying he had told her he was going for a "drive with a friend" on the night of his death.{} But later she told investigators she found Johnson's body.

{}Graham's court-appointed attorney refused to speak with the media after her first court appearance on Monday, September 9.