New Water Rules In Fresno For Homeowners And Businesses

Fresno's watering rules have changed again.{} This time homeowners and businesses can only water twice a week.{} Diane Ortiz a five year veteran of Fresno's water police{}spends most of her day driving through city neighborhoods looking for water wasters.{} "I think most people want to comply.{} They just aren't aware that maybe their gardener has set their timer wrong or they're watering when they can or see a neighbor who's irrigating and they say oh its' okay for me."

Ortiz says she's driving a minimum of 100 miles a day checking out reports that people are wasting water.{} Now that city residents have been limited to two days a week to water instead of three she expects her days will become even busier.{} If I see that somebody's irrigated perhaps I pulled up and the water is already off I'll knock on the door and advise them we have a great service.{} We'll come come out and program your timer for you.

The{}City of Fresno has ten water monitors who comb the city day and night looking for water wasters.{} If your address ends in an odd number{}you can water on Tuesdays and Saturdays, even numbered addresses on Wednesday's and Sundays.{} Watering must{}occur before 6:00{}in the morning and after 7:00 at night.

Homeowners and businesses that fail to comply could{}face a fine of $45.{} If you need help reprogramming your sprinkler system{}call the Fresno Water Division at 621-CITY for help.{} {}