New vs. Used

Should You Buy a New or Used Car?

Many car buying decisions start with one question: should I buy a new or used vehicle? While price is usually a major factor when deciding which type of car to buy, there are other components that come in to play. Here's a look at what you should consider when deciding between a new or used vehicle.

Benefits of Buying New

Peace of MindYou are the first person to own the vehicle. You know how it's being driven, cared for and maintained. If any problems come up, you have legal recourse through state lemon laws.

Maintenance ExpenseNew cars rarely need maintenance for the first several thousand miles of ownership. They have new tires, batteries and engines and besides the occasional oil change, shouldn't need any work done.

Warranty CoverageNew vehicles are covered under manufacturer warranties for at least three years. That means if something goes wrong with the car, it's the responsibility of the manufacturer to fix it.

Benefits of Buying Used

More for Your MoneyWhen you buy a used car that's only one or two years old, you can usually get a lot more features for your money. A bare-bones new car can cost more than a slightly used model with GPS, sunroof and leather interior.

"Certified" WarrantiesMore and more dealers are offering "certified" used cars for sale. These vehicles, usually one-to-three years old, are typically covered under a 12 month warranty, similar to that of a new vehicle. This can ease the stress of the "unknown" that comes with purchasing a used car.

Improved ReliabilityAs more of us are buying older cars, the demand for better reliability has increased and manufacturers are taking notice. There's now a sense of pride in having a trustworthy vehicle and certain brands, like Honda, are well known for their reliability throughout the years.

Whether you choose to buy new or used, it's important to do you research. Check out consumer reviews of the makes and models you're interested in and decide what's important to you in a vehicle.