New School Logo: Gaucho Or Gangster? Parents Want It Changed

North Valley parents are outraged about the logo of Merced's newest high school.

Parents say the logo of the "Mighty Gaucho of El Capitan High" is offensive, and looks like a gangster.

Joie Graham's daughter will be attending El Capitan next year when it opens.

Graham says she voiced her concerns to the principal of the new school.

She says he told her a student created the design.

Joie Graham says, "I explained to him even though a student won, it's still inappropriate. I don't understand were there no adults involved in the finalization of the decision?"

KMPH News left a message and an email for El Capitan High School Principal Anthony Johnson. We did not hear back.

However, in a statement on the school's web site Mr. Johnson told parents, "Our school colors are Carolina blue, black, and gold. Our mascot is the mighty gaucho! The colors and mascot were adapted from the original El Capitan High School that existed over 50 years ago, here in Merced."

Other parents want the mascot changed to something not as criminal looking.

Kyle Allen says, "It looks like a gangster or bandit. I'm sure kids will take it and run with it. Sometimes the wrong, it might be something to take a look at."

While some think, the current logo is no big deal.

Meena Dhonchak says, "I think it's over exaggerated. I don't find anything offending about it."

As of now, the logo stands, but Graham plans to continue her fight.