New Helicopter Lands At Children's Hospital

The patients and staff at Children's Hospital Central California on Thursday welcomed a new addition -- a new "Air George" helicopter.

The chopper, fresh off the assembly line, is safer because it has two engines.

It's also more spacious than the previous helicopter.

With the help of George on the ground, the new helicopter made a safe landing at the hospital.

Patients then got an up close look at some of its features.

"That allows the clinical team a much better access to the patient so they can do a better job at making sure the patient is safe and that they are keeping the patient stable," said Children's Hospital Central California President Todd Suntrapak.

Because it's more spacious, a parent of an injured child will now be allowed on the helicopter to fly with their son or daughter to the hospital.

The helicopter will fly anywhere in Central California to pick up an injured or sick child.