Search For Missing Family Grows Desperate; New Details in Case

Desperation is growing in the search for a family of five, missingfrom Tulare County for more than two weeks.

Elba Enriquez looks at the pictures of her grandchildren, tearsup, and says they are the ones giving her hope to keep looking.

She last saw her daughter, Evelyn Godinez, son-in-law Jesus, andgrandchildren on January 19th, at the Visalia Swap Meet.

The family lives in the town of Plainview,about 20 miles southeast of Visalia,but sells t-shirts and jackets at a stand every week.

Enriquez says her phone calls to her daughter went unansweredthree days later.

On the fourth day, she showed up at her daughter's house to dropthings off on the porch.

When she still didn't hear from them on Sunday, January 26th,she went to the swap meet, hoping to see them at their stand.

When they weren't there, she went to the home in Plainview; the items sheleft on the porch were still there.

"The day I went and saw the things I left were there It's theworst thing that has happened in my life," she says.

That's when she called the Tulare County Sheriff's Departmentfor help.

She says that detectives told her they traced her daughter's lastknown whereabouts to the Macy's in Visalia,where Godinez also worked.

She last reported to work on January 21st, and hasn'tbeen seen since.

Enriquez says that as far as she knows, her daughter's familydid not have any trips planned; they had been saving up for a deposit to move toa new home.

"They spent their time between work and home. They'd take thekids to the park on their days off, but they were not the kind of people to goout with friends. Just work and home," she says.

Enriquez says everything was left at the home, including televisions,a computer, clothing and bedding.

Even the family's puppy was there.

She has since taken it to her home in Squaw Valley.

"I'm exhausted,"she says. "I've been from one place to another, but I have to stay strong."

The family'sminivan is also missing.

It's a 2013 HondaOdyssey, license plate 7AK6116.

"I'm asking thecommunity for help. We all have kids and grandkids. I need people to think if they'veseen anything, please let us know," she says.

Enriquez saysthat Jesus Godinez's family is in Mexico City, but as far as she knows, no one there has heard fromthe family, either.

If you have anyinformation on the family's whereabouts, please call the Tulare County Sheriff'sDepartment Hotline at 1-800-808-0488.