New Details About A Baby Found Dead In A Canal

The Fresno Police Department has released new details about a baby found in a canal on Wednesday.

Investigators say the baby was wrapped in plastic, encased in concrete, and then thrown in a canal. Officers say they have found the baby's mother and she lives in an apartment close to where the baby was found.

Police interviewed the mother, and she says the baby was stillborn and she panicked. Investigators tell KMPH Fox 26 News that the mother was evasive during questioning. However, she did tell detectives that she put the baby in a closet and then two men came up with the idea of throwing the baby in a canal.

The investigation is still continuing and detectives are trying to figure out if the baby died of natural causes, if it was killed or stillborn.

Police are not saying what the sex of the baby is or how long it was in the canal.

The mother and one of the men who helped her throw the baby in the canal are in jail for probation violations.

No one has been arrested for the baby's death.