New Congress Sworn In On Capital Hill

It's a new day on Capitol Hill as dozens of new members are sworn into the house and senate.

It's out with the old and in with the new as the country bids goodbye to the least productive congress in over 50 years, and welcomes a new one.

There are 81 freshmen in this class. Among them, 21st district congressman David Valadao of Hanford.

This 113th congress is more diverse than ever. It includes the first Hindu congresswoman, the first openly gay senator and the first openly bi-sexual member from either chamber. Tim Scott becomes the first African American republican senator in decades and there are more black, Latino and Asian lawmakers than ever.

This congress also includes a record number of women, 20 in the senate and 81 in the house.

The freshman are of course eager to change things, but the truth is the parties remain bitterly and partisanly divided. Some big battles lie ahead and will surely test any good will there is today.