Neighborhood Watch: Orange Cove Residents Band Together To Stop Burglars

Residents in the small community of Orange Cove have banded together to keep burglars away from their homes.

Robert Sahagun, a resident of the Monte Vista Community, says burglaries in the residential neighborhood are slowly becoming a thing of the past.

KMPH News reported back in May when the neighborhood was struck by a string of robberies, including eight break-ins in just one week.

"They know its new, there are very many neighbors and they take advantage of that," said Claudia Moreno, spokeswoman for Monte Vista Homes.

Thieves and vandals would leave messages like "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" spray painted on the doors, walls or windows of the homes.{}

"It makes me feel sad, we work hard for what we have and for somebody else to just come by, break in and take what you worked hard for," Moreno said.

Refusing sit back and take it, some residents decided to take action by forming a neighborhood watch team with police.

They are not only looking out for one another, but they're helping police better spot and catch the crooks.

"They see one of our units rolling by right away, right away they are going to stay away from that neighborhood."

During these routine meetings, they discuss suspicious people

and ways to keep thieves unaware when a neighbor goes out of town or buys something new.

Police say since these meetings, crime in the area has dropped significantly.

Sending a new message to thieves.

"They are out there, there are a lot of eyes now. Everybody takes care of each other around here."

Police say thieves study their targets for days before a break in.

So their advice is to always be on the look out for cars driving by slowly, lingering on streets.