Neighbor Helps Neighbor Catch Suspected Burglar

{}A southeast Fresno homeowner is thankful her neighbor got involved, called deputies, and helped get a suspected thief off the streets. Fresno County deputies say after trying to kick out the window of a patrol car, the suspected crook had to be put in restraints and tied up like a hog. Deputies say just minutes before he was breaking into homes near Kings Canyon and Sunnyside, including Carla Hartunian's home. Hartunian says, "He broke in through the bathroom window and I think when the alarms went off or he heard the sirens I think he was trying to hide. That's when he tried to jimmie the vent and that was a place to hide." When the crook realized he couldn't hide inside that's when he came outside to the backyard and tried to hide in the patio area. He was holding a kitchen knife. He tried to make a run for it, but deputies came rolling up with their guns drawn. Hartunian says, "We've always kept the lock on that gate, and the gate locked." Reporter Erik Rosales asks, "What did deputies tell you?" Hartunian says, "He basically said if he would have walked through the gate with that knife, he was carrying one our kitchen sharp knives, he could have been killed because their guns were drawn." The man eventually gave up. Deputies were already in the area, around noon Wednesday after an alert woman says she saw the man rummaging through her garage. Hartunian is just thankful her neighbor got involved and called 9-1-1. She says, "We know our neighbors. So I just want to thank our neighbor down the street." Reporter says, "That really made the difference in this case." She says, "It really did." Both Fresno County Sheriff's deputies and Fresno police say never put yourself in danger by trying to confront another person. However, just don't ignore it call 9-1-1.