Neighbor Calls Cops Because Of Suspicious Vehicle, Two Men In Jail

Madera sheriff's deputies arrested two men with stolen property in their pickup after neighbors called in a report of a suspicious vehicle near Avenue 9 and Road 35.The truck was seen parked alongside an orchard around 6:30 p.m. Saturday night.The neighbor saw the silver Ford F-150 in the same area a week earlier and became concerned.

The neighbor called to report the vehicle and gave dispatch a description of the truck and the two men inside, and also provided the license plate number and direction they drove they were going.

Deputies spotted a pickup matching the description a short time later at Avenue 15 and Road 35 and found tools and equipment in the bed of the truck, including a brand new pump taken from the property where the truck was parked earlier.Officers arrested 58-year-old David Brisco and 45-year-old Mario Sigala, Jr., both from Madera.Both men were arrested and bail was set for $55,000 each.

Madera County Sheriff John Anderson said, "This is first rate example of neighbors helping neighbors. When these folks saw something suspicious they followed their hunch and immediately called authorities."