Deputies Remove 57 Dogs From Valley Woman's Home

57 little dogs need new families.

They are little faces, hard to say no to.

"Liberty Animal Control," in central Fresno has not just one cute face, but 57; all without homes.

"What were trying to do is get homes for the dogs. All the dogs are small; Chihuahua-terrier mixes," said Daniel Bailey, an officer for Liberty Animal Control.

Imagine having 57 dogs in one house.

Sounds crowded, doesn't it?

That's how deputies say they found the dogs; packed into a Valley woman's home.

Deputies were investigating a different matter when they came across the little guys.

They say some of the dogs were in pretty bad shape.

"Some extra long nails, matted hair ... things like that. Living conditions were not suitable for the animals," said Bailey.

Bailey says the legal limit is four dogs per household.

That is, if the owner is taking proper care of the dogs.

But in this case, Bailey says the woman wasn't.

The woman told deputies she found some of the dogs, and was caring for them until she could find them new homes.

Deputies also found two ferrets and a dove in the woman's home.

According to California state law, the ferrets are illegal to have as pets.

Five of the dogs were taken to a veterinarian's office for treatment.

According to officials, the dogs are all vaccinated and are in good health.

{}"A lot of them are very friendly, highly adoptable, nice dogs; trying to get them new homes," said Bailey.

The Fresno County Sheriff's department has filed a complaint against the woman who had the dogs.

If she is charged, deputies say she could face up to 57 counts of animal cruelty.

If you think you can give one of the dogs a good home, they will be up for adoption starting Wednesday, February 19th.


Liberty Animal Control:

760 W. Nielsen Ave. Fresno, CA 93607

559-600-PETS (7387)