Naya Rivera Makes Fresno Fans "Gleek" Out, Debuts New Music

"It. Is. Amazing."

These are the three words Naya Rivera uses to sum up the experience of recording original music, after years of singing cover songs as a star of the hit TV show "Glee," which you can catch on KMPH Fox 26 Thursday nights.

She stopped by radio station KSEQ (Q-97.1) in Fresno on Wednesday, during a five-day tour to meet with fans and promote her debut single, "Sorry."{}

"It's a good song to sing along to in the car," says Rivera.

The song focuses on being in a relationship, but not apologizing to your partner's exes for your happiness.

"It's about female empowerment," she says.

The song isn't just helping her break out from her "Glee" mold, it is also helping her celebrate her relationship.

The single features her boyfriend, rapper Big Sean.

"I co-wrote that song," she says. "I really appreciated his help. I was really starting to come into my own musically. And for him to jump on it-- and add what he did-- was priceless."

The single will be available on iTunes September 17th.

The following week, Glee's fifth season will premier.

The new season also means a new on-screen love: Pop star Demi Lovato.

"She is playing my new girlfriend," says Rivera.

"I feel that I could have been cast as any role in any TV show. But to be able to play Santana and represent for so many communities. It's mindblowing."

She says the cast of Glee is like a family, and returning to work after months, has been good.

The next couple of months could be interestingand busy.

She will continue working on a full length album for the Columbia Records label.

When can fans expect it?

Time will tell.

"I don't want to rush the process. I think it's coming along nicely," she says. "I want to feel comfortable knowing it's a good representation of me and who I am. The second I feel it is where it needs to be, is when they'll get it.

Meantime, you can find Naya around the clock on social media.

She's on twitter throughout the dayand has the platform to thank for her love connection with Big Sean. {}

"We met on twitter. The rest was history," she says, laughing.

You can follow Rivera on twitter. Her handle is @nayarivera.