Navy Submariner Meets Son For First Time

A Valley man is spending time with his son for the very first time Wednesday night.

It was a special homecoming today at Yosemite International Airport as Navy Submariner Jeremy Farris touched ground from a six month deployment.

Farris was greeted by loving faces, but one particular little face, he met for the very first time.

"I saw a couple pictures here, and there but pictures don't really amount to this," said Farris of his newborn son Lukas.

Farris has never held his son Lukas before.

His job allows him to serve his country while seeing the world in a submarine.

But Farris says none of his adventures compare to the sight of his newborn son.

"It is absolutely the hardest part. To miss the birth of your child ... it's really hard," said Farris.

His wife Sarah and three-year-old daughter Izzy, welcomed baby Lukas two months ago.

It was while Farris was thousands of miles away, with no way of receiving the joyous news.

"It's what you have got to do when you're a navy wife. You do what you have to do, to support him as much as possible," said Sarah Farris.

Farris says he already has big plans for his time at home.

He cannot wait to get back to his best job as husband and dad.

"I am going to enjoy as much time as I can with my family ... teach him how to ride a motorcycle," said Farris.

Farris will only have a few weeks at home before he has to get back on duty.

He is a Hanford High School graduate, and has been a Navy officer for the last four and a half years.