National Poll Calls For Firing Secretary Sebelius Over Obamacare Website

Millions of Americans have found attempts to use very frustrating.But do they believe Secretary Sebelius should lose her job because of the botched rollout?We have the results of a nationwide poll we asked our viewers to take part in Tuesday.65% of people said yes, she should resign or be asked to resign, 29% percent said no, and 6% percent said they didn't know.More than 3,300 viewers took part in our survey with 37 of our sister stations nationwide.But is Secretary Sebelius the only one to be held accountable here? QUESTION: Should Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius resign or asked to resign by the President because of problems with the rollout of and health care reform?Yes: 65%No: 29%I Don't Know: 6%Total Votes:{}{} 3,328