Mother's Day Madness For Fresno Flower Shop

This Mother's Day was the best a Fresno floral business has experienced in the past four or five years.

San Francisco Floral says it delivered more than 1,000 orders over the weekend. It brought in extra help and was still going strong Sunday morning.

Owner Andy Azzaro said he had a dozen trucks making deliveries on Mother's Day.

"With the economy the way it is flowers seem to grow stronger," Azzaro said. "Instead of jewelry and thinks like that, as{}I said, flowers being a living thing and giving a living thing back to the lady that gave you life."

The cash register was singing while the designers were cleaning, trimming and getting creative with flowers.{}

Aimee Moore and her husband drove all the way from San Diego to help out the family on Mother's Day.

"It's a difficult, strenuous day but when you're working with your family, you're not thinking about that you're thinking about working with your brother, your sister, your nieces and your nephews," Moore said. "Everybody pulls together."

It was a milestone day for San Francisco Floral as the company celebrated its' 100th Mother's Day.