Mother Wants Daughter To Stay In Jail, Wants Early Releases To Stop

Fresno mother Melanie Gilbert says she loves her daughter, Ashlie.

But she says Ashlie's suspected crimes which include making counterfeit money and grand theft, have become progressively worse.

Melanie says it's because Ashlie has not suffered any consequences, due to jail early releases.

Just last Friday Clovis Police busted the 24-year-old along with 23-year-old Toni Taylor inside a Clovis hotel.

Police say Ashlie was making counterfeit money and now faces grand theft charges.

Her mom says Ashlie was released from the Fresno County Jail the next day.

Melanie Gilbert says, "Something would be better than releasing her 12 hours later, and again 12 hours later, and then again. It's all escalated, her crimes have escalated."

Melanie says it hurts, but her daughter is an example that if a person just gets only a slap on the wrist that person is going to go out and commit more crimes and hurt more people.

Just a reminder, the Clovis Police Department is still searching for a man who jumped out the window of that Clovis hotel.

He jumped when officers moved in.

Police say 40-year-old Michael Kitley is wanted for commercial burglary, making counterfeit money, and for conspiracy to commit a crime.

He left the two women behind.

Anyone with information is urged to call Clovis Police or as always, you can call Crime Stoppers at 498-STOP, that's 498-7867.