Mother, Son Duo Arrested For Burglarizing Fresno Home

Fresno police Monday afternoon arrested a man who they say broke in and burglarized a central Fresno with the help of his mother.

Neighbors saw the mother-son duo circling the a neighborhood in the area of Augusta and Mariposa streets. They say the two asked neighbors if anyone lived in a house and if it was for sale.

Neighbors say they thought it sounded suspicious and followed the man toward the house.

Jason Polter says he yelled at the man before he ducked back into the house. That's when Polter says he decided to hop a fence and go through the house to catch up with the man.

"... [I] went through the house, he's one room ahead of me. I go in the kitchen, he's in the living room, I get to the living room, and he's in the bedroom. And by the time I get to the bedroom he dives out the window," Polter said.

The man left behind his backpack that contained an identification card that police believe belongs to the man.

A few hours later police tracked down a suspect who Polter and his brother identified as the burglar.