Mother, Boyfriend Vanish: Family Of Injured Woodlake Baby Want Answers

Family members of a Woodlake baby who suffered traumatic head injuries are searching for answers and the baby's mother.

Nine-month-old baby Daniel is fighting for his life at Children's Hospital. Daniel's mom, Julie, and her boyfriend are gone and doctors have told his extended family that it may take a miracle for him to recover from the devastating head injuries.

"It's really hard to believe that something like this could really happen. But, it did and that's what we have to face now," said Gloria Nieto, Daniel's great aunt.

Woodlake police are investigating the incident that led to Baby Daniel's injuries. But for now, family say they just want Daniel's mother to come forward.

Baby Daniel's cousin, Christy Ramirez, said she spoke with the mother just a day before she disappeared.

Ramirez said Daniel's mother was possibly on her way out of the house. Ramirez said that the boyfriend of Daniel's mother came and got the 9 month old, and that's when something terrible happened, she said.

"What happened when that door shut, when Julie left, only God knows,"{} she said.

Ramirez says when Daniel's mother returned, the 9 month old was lying limp in the boyfriend's arms.

Neighbors called 9-1-1 and the baby was taken to the hospital.

That's when Ramirez says, the Daniel's mother vanished.

"Why she left? We don't know. We don't know. She was just gone the next day," Ramirez said.

The family cannot say if police are treating Daniel's case as a criminal investigation.