Most Stressful Jobs in 2014

Do you have a stressful job? Many of us experience stress no matter our field, but here's a new list showing the most stressful jobs for the new year.

According to the most stressful jobs are those that are in unpredictable conditions, and put people in immediate danger and high stakes situations. (Which can also be enticing for some.)

#1 - {}Most stressful job - Military

# 2 - Military generals

#3 - Firefighters.

#4 - Airline pilots.

#5 - Event coordinators (dealing with bridezillas and planning big parties can be stressful!)

#6 - Newspaper reporters

#7 - Public relations executives

#8 - Corporate executives

#9 - Police officers

#10 -Taxi drivers

But, if you are looking for a less stressful job, become an audiologist, hairstylist, or jeweler.