Most Frivolous Lawsuits Of 2013, According To US Chamber

Inmates that sued, saying they led lives of crime because of beer companies. {}A man who sued Apple, saying it was responsible for his porn addiction. {}A teacher who sued her school district because she said she had a fear of students. {}And a dad who sued the county where he lives because his son was kicked off of his school track team after missing too many practices.

{}Those are only four of the examples of the "Top Ten Most Frivolous Lawsuits of 2013" as compiled by the US Chamber of Commerce.

{}The entire top ten is:

  1. Inmates' suit blames a life of crime on beer companies (Idaho)
  2. Ohio teacher claims fear of children in suit against district (Ohio)
  3. Student kicked off school track team for absences, Dad sues county for $40 million (N.J.)
  4. Woman suing over "severe and permanent injuries" still able to complete half-marathon (W.Va.)
  5. Lawsuit claims 'footlong' sandwiches come up short (N.J.)
  6. Grown man sues parents for their "indifference" to his problems (N.Y.)
  7. Customer sues restaurant over hostess' rude comment (W.Va.)
  8. Grad student who received free tuition sues school over grade (Pa.)
  9. Two years to toss suit from robber who sued shop owner (Ariz.)
  10. Man sues Apple for his porn addiction (Tenn.)


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