Mormon Church Vandalized, Words Painted on Steeple

It's one thing to deface a business.

But now, some are wondering who went as far as defacing a church.

Someone painted words on the steeple of a Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in North Fresno, at Maroa and Barstow.

The graffiti was spotted Monday morning.

"It's a house of the Lord, it's very important to us, sacred to us," says Larry Cleveland, who holds the post of Stake President, in charge of this site.

He has been with this church site for the last ten years, and says it's the first time someone defaced the churchlet alone the steeple, some 70 feet high.

"It seemed very random to me, not the sort of graffiti you'd see around town," Cleveland says.

The graffiti included the words "Merry men" and "Robin Little."

"They're very creative, we're just not sure how they scaled the building. They went to a lot of work, to get to where they were," Cleveland says.

Hours after it was discovered, the group that manages the building painted over the vandalism.

Cleveland thinks the vandals may have actually climbed trees, to access the roof.

He says the church is now considering some safeguards to prevent it from happening again.

"Maybe we'll trim a few limbs, or that sort of thing," Cleveland says.

"They made a mistake, and we welcome them," Cleveland says. "We want to find greater joy and happiness in our lives. We're just not gonna let this bother us."