More Room For Animals At Liberty Animal Control

Liberty Animal Control unveiled some new tools thanks to Fresno County Supervisors.

Items like more kennels and a new truck, which should help them help more pets.

But that may not be the only change for liberty they may need to move.

Twenty four new kennels will soon house even more adoptable dogs at Liberty Animal Control.

Daniel Bailey with Liberty said, "We are at capacity. We do need extra kennels. We have some temporaries that we donated to us, we are utilizing those. We are full have a lot of animals out here just trying to find them homes."

Bailey says a new truck with air conditioned kennels will also be added to its fleet.

Both he and Fresno County Supervisors admit the shelter is making do with what it has to house the hundreds of lost or dumped animals in Fresno County each year.

Supervisor Phil Larson says the cost to demolish the old county morgue has come back a lot higher than first anticipated.

So does that mean, Liberty could be moving to a new location? "No decision has been made, but we are looking at all options. However, right now tearing down the old morgue is what we are still going with," said Larson.

Bailey says he's just thankful for what county has given him since taking over in October of 2012. "We're just hoping that we can get to a more solid set up than what we are at right now. We don't utilize the old county morgue at all. What we are using is just the parking lot area," said Bailey.

With the hot summer months upon us, and with more than 100 dogs, what the shelter could definitely use are fans, bottled water and for people to go by and adopt a new family pet.

Fresno County Supervisors are expected to talk about the increased costs to demolish the county morgue at its next meeting.

If you'd like to donate to Liberty Animal Control, you can call them at (559) 600-PETS.