More Problems For Obamacare Website In California

The Affordable Health Care Act or Obamacare is supposed to guarantee people medical care. However, some people in the Valley are finding out their doctors don't accept the insurance.

In California, people sign up for Obamacare using the Covered California website. There was a list of doctors on the site that people could use. It turns out the list was wrong and taken down.

KMPH Fox 26 News spoke with a Fresno woman whose doctor was on that list and it turns out she wasn't supposed to be.

"I thought this was my opportunity to have insurance, real insurance."

The Fresno woman, who asked that we not identify her, says when she took her Covered California card to her doctor, she got a big surprise.

"She said we're sorry, but we can't take your insurance. I said what do you mean you can't take my insurance? Then she handed me that article from Covered California saying they made a mistake."

On its website Covered California admits the problem saying, "It will discontinue posting a provider directory on its website until further notice, after finding some errors in the physician lists. While the combined provider director was a useful service for many consumers some enrollees located physicians thought to be in their plan, and subsequently discovered they were not."

Doctor Jeffrey Gardner from the Clovis Medical Group does not accept Covered California.

"For a private physician trying to make overhead, and cover business expenses, and rent, and staff salaries the margins are just too tight," says Dr. Jeffrey Gardner.

The doctor says that the insurance only pays 40% of the bill. The other problem is if the patient receives care, but doesn't pay their premium, the doctor doesn't get paid.

"Our job to try and take care of people, help them in their illness and it's always difficult," says Dr. Gardner.

The lady I spoke with says her doctor did see her anyway. She is also getting a 25% discount and the doctor is working with her to help her pay her bill. She's worried about others who aren't so lucky.

"My concern is for families's who have children and have doctors they've been going to and are being turned away," she says.

Covered California's says people can contact their health insurance plan to verify if your doctor accepts the insurance. People have until March 31st to cancel their plans and enroll in a different one.

Covered California does not know when it will have a complete list of doctors accepting Obamacare on the website.